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It’s official. I finally moved on from USC School of Cinematic Arts! I will miss my time here.

Posted 4 months ago

"Tailypo", my first animated short from USC, is finally online to enjoy. Thank you for the support, and check out previous posts for the making of the short. 

More posts on my thesis film coming soon. 

Posted 9 months ago

It’s been a while, but I’m finishing my last year at USC and my animated short. More to come soon. Happy Holidays!

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A friendly giant tells a girl a bedtime story and tucks her in. The video is my final project for the class titled Directing in a Virtual World taught by SCA faculty Michael Fink and Peter Sollett. 

It was a great class. My classmates and I learned a lot about setting up VFX shots and working with actors. All the given shots had challenges, which students have to tackle. For my shot, I had to film a giant interact with a little person. 

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"The Gallery" - Animation Design and Production Project:

 This has been a journey. I finally completed my final project. I learned a ton about the cg workflow and how to incoporate it with live action. I’m glad I went through the process, but now I’m on to bigger things, my Thesis….

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Untitled 555 Project Rough Layout:

I have been working on this project since last semester, and I finally got to the rough layout stage. Still need to add more models, add lighting, and composite the final 35 second piece. In hindsight, I really underestimated the time to complete a CG short.

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I had fun watching the films at the USC Science Film Competition Showcase tonight. Here’s the link to the entry I directed and collaborated with my teammates Demi and Robert.

A brief overview of Leonard Adleman’s 1994 research on DNA computing to solve the Hamiltonian Path Problem, aka “The Traveling Salesman”.

With the introduction of tablet devices in the technology industry, the computer industry is being revolutionized. Over the years, the convention has shifted from desktops to laptops, and now tablets while becoming evermore portable. But what if instead of making computers traditionally out of silicon, we went outside the box and made computers out of DNA? Although very unorthodox, it is still very much possible create a computer by applying fundamental computer science theory in the field of biology. This sort of interdisciplinary work is what Leonard Adleman worked on back in the 90s and also what we see today as researchers from UC Berkeley are stilling working to find a breakthrough that would allow DNA computing to be incorporated into our daily lives.

Director/Animator: LaMar Ford Jr.
Screenplay & Concept: Demi Nguyen & LaMar Ford Jr.
Narrator: Robert Calcagno

© 2013 University of Southern California. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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The Art of Computer Science: DNA Computing Stills

It’s the start of a new year, and I recently completed a science film for USC’s science film competition. It’s cool collaborating with other students to produce a short illustrating a scientific concept. The film provides a brief overview of Leonard Adleman’s 1994 research on DNA computing to solve the Hamiltonian Path Problem, aka “The Traveling Salesman Problem”. I animated the film in Maya and Adobe After Effects. 

For more information on the USC Science Film Competition check out the link to the event:

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Hey! Totally weird, I found your blog while looking up stuff about the Tailypo story! I'm a freshman in the John C. Hench animation program, it's great to find another person in the division! :)
viktorye asked

Thanks. Nice to meet you too.

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Untitled 544 is my first major project for USC’s animation program. 


"Untitled 544" is an experimental film that comments on how our society watches too much media. In the film, a man sits in his chair all day with his eyes glued to the television. The vast number of mixed media images overloads the man’s senses and completely destroys him.

The video features stop motion, scratch on 16mm film, and digital manipulation in After Effects.

About the film:

I made this film a year ago. Looking back, I didn’t know any animation technique, I fought a cold with Robitussin and DayQuil, drunk a couple of beers, watched Breaking Bad for the first time, cursed at things not working when I was on the down shooter, cursed for my clumsiness, messed up my sleep cycle, slept in the cubicles for no apparent reason, stressed out on a number of occasions, I was full of grumpiness, and I didn’t know how this thing was going to turn out. 

In the end, WTF I was thinking?